About Us

Inox BF was established in 1983 from the merger of the entrepreneurial initiatives of Bianchi and Frateschi, and has become an industry benchmark, capable of meeting all paper mill needs, and making a decisive and effective contribution to their “green journey”.

Thanks to our expertise in working and collaborating with paper mill technicians, Inox BF develops solutions to problems associated with the collection, washing, transporting and compacting of waste from pulpers or waste from slurry cleaning machines, filtration of water coming from machine circuits, and plant waste water.
We can provide bespoke solutions, resulting in reductions in energy consumption, savings in maintenance costs, reduction in amortisation times, and above all reduction and optimisation of the environmental and economic impact associated with waste disposal.
Inox BF can help paper mills significantly reduce their environmental footprint, leading to significant savings in terms of waste management and energy usage.
In addition, thanks to our many years of experience and research within the papermaking sector, we’ve succeeded in reducing the weight and volume of pulper waste, whilst at the same time, recovering and re-introducing pulper press water into the production cycle.
The technological solutions achieved enable you to reduce water requirements for the production of paper and cardboard, a result that is due mainly to Conicdrum, a machine useful for the washing and recovery of fibre. With its large capacity, this machine is ideal for managing waste coming from the processing of Tetra
Inox BF also produces accessory equipment for the tissue, chemical and petrochemical sector.
Over the years, our dedication, tried-and-trusted technology, and high-quality assistance we offer our clients has enabled Inox BF to develop an enviable reputation, not only within Italy and Europe, but also in Latin America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico), as well as countries in Eastern Europe, thanks to our partnerships with overseas agents with proven technical and sales expertise, all of which are key for the growth of Inox BF.
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