The success of our production is due essentially to 3 characteristics of our way of working: the use of highly qualified technicians with extensive and professionalism, the use of excellent quality material and precision technologies , in any case flexible to the specific requirements of the clients. 
In addition to these, the use of tested materials and very thick carbon steel (hot-galvanized) or, on request, AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel, ensures that the products we make are totally reliable and easy to manage.


Inox BF was established in 1983 from the merger of the entrepreneurial initiatives of Bianchi and Frateschi, and has become an industry benchmark, capable of meeting all paper mill needs, and making a decisive and effective contribution to their “green journey”.

Thanks to our expertise in working and collaborating with paper mill technicians, Inox BF develops solutions to problems associated with the collection, washing, transporting and compacting of waste from pulpers or waste from slurry cleaning machines, filtration of water coming from machine circuits, and plant waste water.
We can provide bespoke solutions, resulting in reductions in energy consumption, savings in maintenance costs, reduction in amortisation times, and above all reduction and optimisation of the environmental and economic impact associated with waste disposal.
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Collection and handling of waste from the high density pulpers without screens and with auxiliares
(as poire, etc).

Collection and handling of waste from standard pulpers or from auxiliary high density pulpers.

Compacting of the waste of the auxiliary cleaners machine, for the treatment of waste from cleaners with holes or slots.

Filtration of clarified water and safety barrier (cleaning rinses).
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MIAC 2023: we are present at stand 38, we are waiting for you to celebrate 40 years of activity.
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