Ecodrum & Conicdrum

Ecodrum & Conicdrum
ECODRUM and CONICDRUM were designed to facilitate the elimination of the contaminants that deposit on the bases of pulpers in an attempt to accelerate the discharge stages, while bearing in mind the problems regarding pollution of the surrounding areas, to reduce the volumes of water required for washing the contaminants, and to facilitate the handling and transport of waste matter to the subsequent compacting stage.

The ECODRUM is installed on an inclined axis, with the loading mouth directly in contact with the ditch or channel for collecting the waste from one or more pulpers. Because of its inclined position, with the ECODRUM the water drainage, contaminant washing, lifting and transport stages can be carried out simultaneously, thus facilitating the feeding of the compactors.
The CONICDRUM is installed on a horizontal axis, with the loading mouth connected directly to the base of the pulpers. Thanks to the special, conical final shape, drum capacity is greater and the length of time the waste stays inside it is increased to allow washing to be carried out perfectly and thus reduce the loss of fibre. The choice of which type of machine to install depends on existing plant layout and on the space available. Before any machine is supplied it is therefore necessary to draw up a personalised installation plan which will take into consideration the logistical and technological problems involved. The size of the equipment will be based on this.
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