Dual Cut

Dual Cut
This machine has been designed to cut pulper ragger rope in a secure fashion. The double blade and double cut certainly guarantee total rope cutting, making it easy to remove the pieces, including the various kinds of compactors, preventing continuous uncut strands, the source of problems.
The machine consists ofa bearing structure and two powerful sickle jaws, one male and one female; both with two high strength blades. Independent hydraulic movement provides simultaneous closure, exerting the strength needed for the cut, progressively, so as not to waste energy. Rope cutting capacity is 600 mm maximum diameter with a cycle time of 20 seconds. The DUAL CUThas been designed with a sickle-cut system, the blades make a scissor cut, so only where the blades close together, cutting safety is total and the cutting effort is considerably less than where there a two blades which cut by contrast (guillotine type).
A pressure transducer system allows one to detect the blade position and reverse drive, without using limit switches or other accessories which, being in contact with scrap, might not always work. An ingoing conical conduit ensures that the material is driven into the cutting hole and not deposited on the machine. Four 30 mm holes have been designed to bracket onto special structures.
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