The ECOCOMPACT was designed to reduce the volume of contaminants and to remove as much water from them as possible. At the same time, the compacting thrust along an inclined channel allows the material to be conveyed to distances of up to 7 or 8 metres and to be raised to a height of up to 5 metres. The machine body is in two halves which are bolted together. It is made in very thick sheet steel with ribbing reinforcements to guarantee its non-deformability, even when subjected to extremely high internal pressure.
Material loading and liquid separation are carried out at the rear of the machine, where the ram housing is also situated. The final dehydration of the waste by means of the compacting ram and the counterpressure supplied by the adjustable hatch that allows the material to exit along a channel, is carried out at the front of the machine.
There are three versions of the ECOCOMPACT which vary in compacting capabilities, compression values and production levels, as shown in the table below. All models are built in sheet steel and hot-galvanised carbon steel or in AISI 304L and 316L stainless steel. The equipment is supplied complete with an hydraulic oil pump unit with two motors and two pumps for the independent supply of the compacting and counterpressure circuits.
A control panel with all the electrical equipment required to operate the motors is supplied with a PLC and keyboard for the management of the programmed work cycles.
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