Ecoreject ER-500

Ecoreject ER-500
For compacting pulper waste, INOX BF created a machine called ECOCOMPACT that had great success on the national and international markets with the sale of 168 working machines in various countries. But we wanted more and a new machine ECOREJECT ER-500 was BORN. With ECOCOMPACT and its hydraulic pistons, we have achieved dry matter of up to 60%; today with the new ECOREJECT ER-500 we have reached dry matter of up to 85% thanks to a mechanical compacting screw process and an optimization of the counter pressure system. ECOREJECT ER-500 derives from a series of Machines which operate on the same system for the compacting of small and very small waste and that are highly successful on the market due to:
- Simple construction method and reduced maintenance;
- Low energy consumption;
- Excellent compacting yield with high dry matter values;
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